Altitude-dependent Bartonella quintana Genotype C in Head Lice, Ethiopia

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2011
Authors:E. Angelakis, Diatta, G., Abdissa, A., Trape, J. - F., Mediannikov, O., Richet, H., Raoult, D.
Journal:Emerging Infectious Diseases
Pagination:2357 - 2359
Date Published:12-2011

To determine the presence of Bartonella quintana in head and body lice from persons in different locations in Ethiopia, we used molecular methods. B. quintana was found in 19 (7%) genotype C head lice and in 76 (18%) genotype A body lice. B. quintana in head lice was positively linked to altitude (p = 0.014).

Short Title:Emerg. Infect. Dis.
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