Saving the Manx Shearwater Flea Ceratophyllus (Emmareus) fionnus (Insecta: Siphonaptera): The Road to Developing a Recovery Plan for a Threatened Ectoparasite

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2019
Authors:M. Kwak, Heath, A. C. G., Palma, R. L.
Journal:Acta Parasitologica
Date Published:11-2020
Keywords:Co-threatened, flea, Isle of Rùm, lice, Manx shearwater, parasite conservation

Purpose The Manx shearwater fea Ceratophyllus (Emmareus) fonnus Usher, 1968 is a host-specifc parasitic insect apparently restricted to the Isle of Rùm, of the west coast of Scotland. Although C. (E.) fonnus is one of only a small number of
insect species endemic to the British Isles, its conservation status has never been evaluated. To enable efective management,
the conservation status of the species was assessed.
Methods The conservation status of C. (E.) fonnus was evaluated using host and distribution records in conjunction with
two assessment rubrics; the IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria: Version 3.1, and a fea-specifc assessment rubric
developed previously.
Results Ceratophyllus (Emmareus) fonnus was found to be threatened with extinction due to its hyperendemicity on the
Isle of Rùm and was classifed as vulnerable.
Conclusion Based on the fndings of the assessment, immediate conservation action to protect C. (E.) fonnus is encouraged and a recovery plan is outlined. This includes surveys and studies of the bionomics of the species in conjunction with
in-situ management of the known population. The creation of insurance populations through conservation translocations is
also encouraged.

Short Title:Acta Parasit.
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