Ectoparasite of Small Ruminants in Guto-Gidda District,East Wollega, Western Ethiopia

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2013
Authors:B. Shibeshi, Bogale, B., Chanie, M.
Journal:Acta Parasitologica Globalis
Keywords:Damalinia ovis, ectoparasites, Ethiopia, goat, prevalence, sheep

A  cross-sectional  study  on  the  prevalence  of  ectoparasites  of  sheep  and  goats  was  carried  out  inGuto-Gidda district, East Wollega, Western Ethiopia from October 2010 to May, 2011. Of the total 228 sheepand  155  goats  examined,  140  (61.40%)  sheep  and  90  (57.69%)  goats  were  infested  with  various  types  ofectoparasites. There was no statistical significant difference (P > 0.05) in prevalence between the two smallruminant  species.  The  ectoparasites  identified  in  both  species  of  animals  were  ticks  (24.74%),  mange  mites(15.36%),  fleas  (11.45%),  lice  (6.51%)  and  sheep  ked  (1.82%).  Ticks  were  the  most  abundant  ectoparasitesrecorded both in sheep and goats with a prevalence of 25.44%% and 23.72%, respectively. The genera of ticksobserved  in  both  sheep  and  goats  wereAmblyomma  spp.Rhipicephalus  spp.  andBoophilus  spp.  in  adecreasing order of prevalence. An overall prevalence of 15.87% mange mites was observed in both sheep andgoats with 13.16% and 18.59%, respectively. The identified species of mange mites found in both species ofanimals were Sarcoptes scabei,Psoroptes spp. and Demodex spp. in a decreasing order of prevalence. Sheepwere found to be infested with two species of lice (Linognathus spp. and Damalinia ovis) while goats only withLinognathus spp. The fleas, Ctenocephalides spp., were detected in both sheep (12.28%) and goats (10.25%)andMelophagus  ovinus  only  in  sheep  (3.47%)  were  also  detected.  Generally,  no  statistically  significantvariation (P > 0.05) was observed between age groups, sexes and different body conditions in the ectoparasiteprevalence in sheep and goat specific populations. Different ectoparasites tended to prefer different predilectionsite  on  the  animals'  body.  This  study  showed  that  the  growing  threat  of  ectoparasites  to  small  ruminantproduction needs well-coordinated and urgent control intervention

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