Common Infectious Diseases in Backyard Chickens and Turkeys (from a Private Practice Perspective)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1996
Authors:T. Y. Morishita
Journal:Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery
Date Published:03-1996
Keywords:chickens, infectious diseases, poultry, turkeys

Chickens and turkeys are commonly encountered in clinical practice. Although many diseases have been reported in these domestic poultry species, certain diseases are commonly encountered in backyard chickens and turkeys. Bacterial diseases that frequently occur in backyard flocks include pasteurellosis (fowl cholera), mycoplasmosis, bordetellosis (turkey coryza), staphyloccosis, and infection with Escherichia coli. Fungal diseases, including aspergillosis and candidiasis, are usually seen as secondary infections. Viral diseases of importance include Marek's disease, lymphoid leukosis, infectious bronchitis,i nfectious laryngotracheitisa, nd pox. Lice and mites are ectoparasites that frequently cause problems, and  roundworms and cestodes are commonly encountered endoparasitesC. occidiosis and histomoniasisa re protozoald iseases that can cause significant problems in backyard poultry

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