Prevalence of head lice, Pediculus humanus capitis L. and their relation to anxiety among primary school children in Kalar district, Kurdistan region-Iraq

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2019
Authors:O. Mahmood Amin, Mahmood, H. Faieeq D., Muhammed, A. A., Hussein, S. A., Mohammed, L. O., Rostam, B. W.
Journal:Journal of Garmian University
Pagination:330 - 338
Date Published:07-2019
Keywords:Anxiety, Head lice, Kalar, P revalence, school children

Head  lice, Pediculus humanus capitis De  Geer  infestation  is  one  of  the  most imp ortant  health  p roblems  throughout  the  world.  The  aim  of  the  current  study was to estimate the p revalence of head lice amon g local p rimary  school  childr en  in  Kalar  district-Kurdistan,  Iraq  and  find  out  the  relationship   between  head  lice infestation and an xiety .During the p eriod October 2018 to M ay  2019, an overall 8847p rimary   school  children  aged  (6-11  y ears)  were  randomly   selected  from (22) p rimary  schools and examin ed for the p resence of head liceusin g lice co mb  and  magnify in g  lenses.  Results  of  the  current  study   revealed  the  existence  of  1277cases  (14.43%)  of  infestation  with P.  humanus  capitis.  The  rate  of  infection  in  girls  was  signif icantly   high er  than  boy s  P<0.05.  Schools  of  the center  of  Kalar  had  higher  p revalence  rate  than  those  of  the  sub-districts.  The high est  rate  of  infection  was  observed  amon g  childr en  aged  10-11  y ears  while the  lowest  rate  was  observed  in  the  y ounger  children  6-7  y ears.  Variations  in  infection  rates  were  observed  in the  differ ent  investigated  schools.  There  was  a great  correlation  between  number  of  students  in  class  and  infection  rate  P<0.05. In  addition,  the  study   showed  relationship   between  head  lice  and  an xiety . Accordin gly ,  66  %  of  the  infested  children  had  moderate  an xiety .  Findings  of this study  suggest that head  lice  infestation is within the ep idemic  level  in Kalar.

Short Title:Journal of Garmian University
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