Human Bartonellosis: An Underappreciated Public Health Problem?

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2019
Authors:M. A. Cheslock, Embers M. E.
Journal:Tropical Medicine and Infectious Disease
Date Published:Jan-06-2019
Keywords:Bartonella, bartonellosis, domestic animals, fleas;, human, ticks, vector

Bartonellaspp.  bacteria can be found around the globe and are the causative agents ofmultiple human diseases. The most well-known infection is called cat-scratch disease, which causesmild lymphadenopathy and fever. As our knowledge of these bacteria grows, new presentations ofthe disease have been recognized, with serious manifestations.  Not only has more severe diseasebeen associated with these bacteria but alsoBartonellaspecies have been discovered in a wide range ofmammals, and the pathogens’ DNA can be found in multiple vectors. This review will focus on somecommon mammalian reservoirs as well as the suspected vectors in relation to the disease transmissionand prevalence. Understanding the complex interactions between these bacteria, their vectors, andtheir reservoirs, as well as the breadth of infection byBartonellaaround the world will help to assessthe impact of Bartonellosis on public health.

Short Title:TropicalMed
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