Root Language Translation
-tatos Greek (the superlative ending)
-terium Greek A place for
-tic Greek Relation; (L): belonging to
-trimma, -to Greek That which is rubbed
-trix Latin An agent, or doer of an action
-ul, =a, =e, =um, -us Latin Little
-ule Latin Little
-ulous Latin Full of
-ulum; -ulus Latin Little
-uncul, =a, =um, =us Latin Little
-via Latin A way, road
=abramis Greek A kind of fish
=accipiter Latin A hawk
=acipenser Latin The Sturgeon
=acis Greek A point, barb
=acmon, -o Greek An anvil
=acus Latin A needle
=acus Greek A cure, remedy, relief
=aden, -o Greek A gland
=adeps, adip, -o Latin Fat


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